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Let’s Make a Street View! Part 0

In what was once timely news, Google announced version 3 of the Google Maps API at their last I/O, designed specifically—but not exclusively—with the mobile space in mind. Since it’s not used on the main Maps page, I didn’t notice that the new API includes an embeddable “HTML5″ version of Street View until the news started making the Twitter rounds.

What’s especially interesting about this new Street View—aside from the fact that it’s now available without Flash—is that it takes a divide-and-conquer approach to ensuring good performance across browsers. There are at least three different rendering “modes” within the new library, triggered by different browsers and operating environments. I’m going to take a brief look at each of these before moving on to the main event: building our own Street View app. Continue reading

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We Can Do Anything But Keep Things In Perspective

I’ve been playing around with using 2D transformations to enable 3D effects, even (or especially) in browsers without support for the latter. There have been a few examples of this kind—putting text and images and even video on isometric cubes, … Continue reading

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Transform Rewrite: Dancing Trees and Errant Pixels

Two months later, I’ve finally had some time to finish a rewrite of my “CSS3″ transform/transformed element GWT module. I’m pretty pleased with its new state and don’t anticipate the need for any more major changes in the near future. … Continue reading

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