These are more accurately “Posted Projects,” but that would be a terrible title. This is the set of projects that have appeared in the blog, now in one easy place.

I also have a ton of material from work I did before I lived in The Bahamas that I’ll slowly start reposting where interesting. However, the category will remain appropriate as I’ll undoubtedly feel compelled to write accompanying blog posts. I mean, what’s the point of navel-gazing if you don’t navel-gaze overlong?

GWT-NS library
Code Repository

Transform Clock:
Clock | About (coming December 2009!)

Initial gwtBox2d/worker-compilation proof of concept:
Worker version | Non-worker version | About

The Rationals, web worker example:
Demo | About

Blocks, web worker example:
Worker version (may crash Firefox 3.6) | Non-worker version | About

Fast Internet Explorer Transforms:
Example | About

Dancing Trees, transform library example:
Demo | About

Demo | About

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